The entire sordid story

Malone & NootcheezDC Malone is a ringer! After 41 years in comedy, 24 years as a member of the celebrated team Malone and Nootcheez and on his own since 2001 he has wowed audiences in every conceivable venue, comedy clubs, concerts, corporate bookings, cruise ships, resorts, dive bars and 12 years with the Department of Defense entertaining the troops in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Saddle up

Saddle up

Hitchhiking over 40,000 miles around the U.S. and Canada in the early 70’s and traveling extensively overseas, DC has gathered life experience that shows in his work.

Whether expounding on the trials and tribulations of marriage and the complications of subsequent single life, or talking about his childhood, Irish background, singing questionable camp songs, or maybe breaking into his blues classic “Upper middle class, white ass, suburban, just moved to the better part of town blues” DC has put together an incredibly entertaining show filled with hilarious songs (backed by his masterful guitar work) and stories directly inspired by his own fascinating life.

Black Hawk Down


Everyone can find something they relate to in DC’s show. His ease and likeability make you feel like your spending time with a friend. In DC’s own words, “Hey, comedy for you, therapy for me” and it is great comedy!

DC Malone has appeared on Showtime and CMT and has been heard on the Bob & Tom and Dr. Demento radio shows to name a few.

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